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You are here: Home / Support / MultiFuN Tool Setup 0.4 Released 15-11-2012
MultiFuN Tool Setup 0.4 Released 15-11-2012

MultiFuN Tool Setup 0.4 Released

Introduced MultiFuN GSM Tool 0.1

ZTE V9c - Read Info / Write IMEI / Write WIFI Address / Write BT Addresss * / SP Unlock / Fix FTM Mode ** (Exclusive)

MTK Android - Read Info / Write IMEI

MTK Normal - Read Info / Write IMEI (AT Mode)

Samsung Android - Read Info / Format

Samsung Infineon - Read Info / Read User Lock / Reset Factory Settings

Samsung Broadcom - Read Info / Read User Lock / Read Simlock Code

Connection Modes:

MTK Android - Simply turn on phone, Enable USB Debugging and connect USB cable.

MTK Normal - Turn on phone, and connect.

Samsung Android/Infineon - Connect locked phone with UART Cable.

Samsung Broadcom - Connect locked phone with USB cable.

MultiFuN Lincence Manager 0.2a
Updated to handle MultiFuN GSM Tool Activation

MultiFuN CDMA ZTE Included in new setup.

* Some phone, updated with wrong tool, get BT Address erased (00 00 00 00 00 01).
If you don't fix it, it will cause your phone to have a default/empty BT Address, which is not good.

IMEI Write on Phones/Modems with QC Chipset was supported in our MultiFuN CDMA ZTE Tool from a long time.
Some people put it just a few days ago and shouting "World First", but they forgot to put BT Address repair.

** Fix FTM can fix phones, which are in FTM Mode, after failed Flashing.
Supports all phones with QC Chipset.

Download mf_setup_04.rar from Support Area and install.

MultiFuN GSM Tool needs Updated Licence. Off course, Free of Cost!
Ask your reseller for updated licence.
Either provide your REQ file or your HWID and Email Address.

Licence Update will be provided only till 30th Nov 2012.
After that we will not provide any Licence Update.
However, other Modules will continue to run without any issue.
Customer in Sleep Mode will miss it.

:: No Need of Internet, Completely Offline ::

Advance is Nothing, Everything is Fun!

Publisher: RazaGsm
Date: 5/9/2012


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