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Price: 1800 INR
Warranty: 3 months
Available in stock
Support Site:
  Official Distributor
The new HWK uFs box works with the latest versions of HWK softwares by Saras Soft.
No more update needed.
Access to the official support site automatically without registering usernames and passwords.
Just plug in the box and use latest HWK softwares.


  • Making the box size smaller, compact and complete with UFS and HWK.
  • Automatic access to the support site, without having the hassle of registering usernames and passwords. Just run latest HWK software(LG_GSM, SAMs or SeDBx) and access support site.
  • To avoid problems of customers who buy original HWK. Since the UFS and HWK was already paired and updated, customer can directly check by plugging in the box and test using latest versions of HWK softwares. By having this box, theres is no way for the customers to be cheated to have either a clone UFS or clone HWK which is definitely a big problem.

Supported cell phones and features:

Sony Ericsson cell phones:
F-series: F500c, F500i
K-series: K700c, K700i, K500i, K506c, K508, K600, K300, K750
D-series: D750
S-series: S700, S700a, S700c, S700i, S710a, S710c, S710i
V-series: V600, V800
Z-series: Z1010a, Z1010c, Z1010i, Z1010, Z1020, Z500a, Z500i, Z500 , Z800i

Sony Ericsson features:

  • Unlock/read user code
  • Flash/repair and change language packs
  • Flash customisation/fs
  • Read/write GDFS zone
  • Decustomization
  • Reset total call timer
  • Repair damaged gdfs area
  • Change band locks
  • Edit file system
  • Flash recovery of dead products
  • Restore security area

LG cell phones:
U8110, U8120, U8130, U8138, U8180

LG features:

  • Unlock all current versions
  • Flash/repair
  • Repair fully damaged gdfs and filesystems
  • Read/write gdfs
  • Flash recovery of dead phones

Sharp cell phones:
801/802sh, 902sh

Sharp features:

  • - Unlock/repair/flash all versions
  • Change languages
  • Read/write all parameters of GDFS zone (e.g. security, battery, calibration, etc.)
  • Read data

Nokia cell phones:

Nokia features:

  • Flash Flashing - "00000001 key is activated"
  • Software Upgrade
  • Change Language
  • UI Factory Defaults
  • Full Factory Defaults
  • Reset User Lock (Security code)
  • Read/write Pm values

Samsung cell phones:
One C

Samsung features:

  • D500, D508 flashing / unlocking activated
  • Flash-Upgrade Software
  • Remove all SIM-locks
  • Reset phonelock
  • Full Factory-Reset
Available in stock | Price: 1800 INR
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Hwk Ufs Turbo
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Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF Box)
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GPG EMMC Box is a box for repairing dead Android and WP8 phones with EMMC. The supported model range includes Samsung I9300/I9100, HTC G14, Sony, China ZTE/China Huawei/China MTK and thousands of other phones and brands.

GPG EMMC support does not depend on the phone model. You can fulfill Read / Write operations with any phones that have a supported EMMC IC.

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Volcano Box
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Note:- Working with Volcanobox v2.2.7 atleast 10 time this mean your box is 100% Original & Not Compromised.

Volcano Box's features:

MTK, SPD, MSTAR, Infineon, Philips, ADI, Anyka, SKY, SI, TI CPU Support
Digital resistance
Complete GND and VCC control functions
Set pull up/down to any pinout
Volcano box selects resistor value from 390 ohm - 800K
Eagle Eye function
Internal powerful CPLD
Better software and hardware protected design
More reasonab
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